Kansas Bankruptcy Exemption List

Many states have constructed their own list of bankruptcy exemptions. In the state of Kansas, you may only use the Kansas state exemption list. These exemptions were created to help maintain certain assets and personal property and wages to start over after the completion of your bankruptcy.

If you are planning to file bankruptcy, you should consult with a Kansas Bankruptcy Attorney to determine what exemptions are allowed in the state of Kansas. Federal supplemental exemptions may be allowed in certain states if you use the state exemptions. There may also be additional residency requirements in certain states to use the state exemption list. There may not be a matching exemption for all or your property or assets.

Exemptions Exemption Amount Statutes
Homestead Real property or mobile home you occupy or intend to occupy to unlimited value; property cannot exceed 1 acre in town or city, 160 acres on farm


Constitution 15-9
Wages Minimum 75% of earned but unpaid wages; bankruptcy judge may authorize more for low-income debtors 60-2310
Insurance Fraternal life insurance benefits 40-414(a)
  Life insurance forfeiture value if file for bankruptcy over 1 year after policy issued 40-414(b)
  Life insurance proceeds if clause prohibits proceeds from being used to pay beneficiary’s creditors 40-414(a)
Pensions Elected and appointed officials in cities with population between 120,000 and 200,000 13-14, 102
  ERISA-qualified benefits 60-2038(b)
  Federal government pension needed for support and paid within 3 months of filing bankruptcy (only payments being received) 60-20338(a)
  Firefighters 12-5005(e), 14-10a10
  Judges 20-2618
  Police officers 12-5005(e), 13-14a10
  Public employees 74-4923, 74-49, 105
  State highway patrol officers 74-4978g
  State school employees 72-5526
Miscellaneous Liquor licenses 41-326
  Property of business partnership 56-325
Wildcard None  
Personal Property Burial plot or crypt 60-2304(d)
  Clothing to last 1 year 60-2304(a)
  Food and fuel to last 1 year 60-2304(a)
  Funeral plan prepayments 16-310(d)
  Furnishings and household equipment 60-2304(a)
  Jewelry and articles of adornment to $1,000 60-2304(b)
  Motor vehicle to $20,000; if designed or equipped for disabled persons, no limit 60-2304(c)
  Burial plot or crypt 60-2304(d)
  Clothing to last 1 year 60-2304(a)
Tools of the trade Books, documents, furniture, instruments, equipment, breeding stock, seed, grain and stock to $7,500 total 60-2304(e)
  National Guard uniforms, arms and equipment 48-245
Public Benefits AFDC, general assistance, social welfare 39-717
  Crime victims’ compensation 74-7313(d)
  Unemployment compensation 44-718(c)
  Workers’ compensation 44-514

There are certain debts such as deeds of trust, taxes, and mortgages which are discharged by filing bankruptcy. Lenders may proceed with all legal debt collection efforts if you fail to pay non-dischargeable debt.

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