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A checkbook, financial documents, and a calculator Price Law Group provides high-quality representation to businesses in need of protection from creditors. In many situations, the most efficient tool to accomplish this is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This affords the business protection from lawsuits while the business works out a plan to handle its obligations. Our attorneys are available to advise business executives of their options and the benefits of Chapter 11. You are urged to contact a bankruptcy attorney for help.

What Are the Benefits of Chapter 11?

In some situations with only a few creditors are impinging on a company, debt negotiation or debt litigation may be enough to bring order to a situation. However, where many creditors are pressing their claims or there are burdensome obligations barring the road to recovery, Chapter 11 is often called for.

Under Chapter 11, you continue to run your business under the supervision of the court. You keep all of your assets and receive protection against lawsuits as well. Your responsibility is to propose a plan for covering restructuring your financial situation and covering your debts. You many propose to cancel certain obligations that weigh you down such as an unfavorable lease obligation or oppressive pension fund requirement.

You propose the plan to a committee of creditors for their approval. Even if a majority of creditors refuse to approve the plan, you may override their objections by submitting it to the court for approval anyway. Once your business is back on track, you may petition to close Chapter 11 and return to unfettered control of your business.

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