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Have You Been Abused or Harassed by Creditors?

It is the legal right of creditors to collect debts owed to them. Harassing or threatening those who owe these debts is not legal. In today's economy millions of people have fallen behind on paying their bills because of job loss, pay cuts, financial emergencies or overuse of available credit. Creditors do not have the right to abuse these individuals and can be silenced.

Some common forms of creditor abuse are:

  • Collectors calling without identifying themselves
  • Using obscene language, insults or racial slurs in calls or on a voicemail
  • Threatening harm or violence
  • Pretending to be an attorney or court employee
  • Using more than one collection company to collect a debt
  • Calling before 8 AM and after 9 PM
  • Contacting a person frequently and repeatedly
  • Disregarding the fact that the so-called debtor does not actually owe the money
  • Contacting family members or friends of the debtor to collect the debt
  • Calling the debtor at work, after requests have been made not to do so
  • Threatening arrest if the debt is not paid

A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney from Price Law Group can help end any creditor abuse you may be experiencing. We have an understanding of both the California creditor harassment law, and the National Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. We will use this knowledge to silence the abuse and threats, and can also assist you with achieving long term debt relief.

A Creditor Abuse Attorney in California, Arizona, Nevada or New York Can Help You

When your phone calls and letters to creditors do not end the abuse, there are other measures you can take that will work. Both state and national creditor harassment laws allow for an attorney to act as your substitute when communicating with your creditors. We will contact these parties and demand that they cease all contact with you, and to direct any further communications to our office. This will stop the abuse and give you the relief you seek and are entitled to.

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