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If you feel up against the wall due to debt, it may be hard to believe there are effective solutions to give you a fresh start. At Price Law Group we are here to help. We have helped over 60,000 families become debt-free. When you contact us, an attorney at our firm will go over your financial situation and inform you of your options. A popular option for debt elimination is Debt Negotiation. We will go over this with you as well as other options including bankruptcy so you can choose the one most suitable. It is time to stop worrying and take action to help your family feel safe and secure. Contact a skilled debt negotiation attorney near you today -- we serve clients nationwide.

How Debt Negotiation Works

In Debt Negotiation, your attorney contacts your creditors individually and negotiates a lump sum payoff to complete your obligation. The attorney will seek a payoff of 40% to 60% of the original obligation and cancellation of interest and late fee penalties. You begin this strategy by saving the money you would normally use to make minimum payments so that you have a lump sum to offer. Once you have a sum together your attorney negotiates a payoff. Then you and your attorney tackle the next debt until all your debts are eliminated.

Short Sale

If you are a homeowner with a mortgage balance exceeding the value of your property, a debt negotiation lawyer from the Price Law Group can help. You may avoid the full credit repercussions of foreclosure through a short sale. This is a form of Debt Negotiation where you obtain a buyer of the property though not for the full amount of the loan. We negotiate with the lender to accept the short sale as a satisfaction of your mortgage loan.

Debt Negotiation Attorney

We have assisted many clients to save considerable sums and become debt-free through Debt Negotiation. Our Encino debt negotiation attorneys would be happy to discuss your financial situation with you to see if Debt Negotiation is right for you. If not, we will assist with another option for solvency. The interview is free. Consider calling a debt negotiation attorney near you today!

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