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If you are suffering from debt, you may not see a way out. Nevertheless, there are remedies for debts which debt relief attorneys at Price Law Group can help you with. We are a nationwide firm that has helped over 60,000 clients become debt-free. We provide assistance to clients whether they are seeking to improve their credit, avoid high interest and late payment penalties, deal with creditor harassment or end wage garnishment. We urge you to contact a bankruptcy lawyer at the firm.

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Debt Counseling Remedies

Everyone's debt situation is individual and so different remedies apply to different people. At the firm we talk to the client to learn the full financial picture. We then advise clients of their options. Once the client decides on the most suitable option, we proceed to help the client to solvency.

Debt negotiation is a remedy for those with a few, large unsecured debts. The attorney will negotiate a lump sum payoff of the debt at 40% to 60% of the original amount. In some cases filing for bankruptcy is the most viable and workable solution to resolve matters and allow you to move on with a fresh start.

Short sales may be a solution for a client with a house loan exceeding the value of the house. If the client can no longer make the payments, the attorney recommends the client find a buyer for the house even if at a value less than the loan. The attorney then negotiates with the lender to accept the price offered by the new buyer as full satisfaction of the client's loan. This protects the client from the repercussions of a foreclosure on his or her credit report.

Debt Counseling Lawyer - Help with Wage Garnishment

If you are suffering from wage garnishment, fast action is required. If you have the means to pay off debts but need time, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an option. Here you enter into a plan to pay off debts over a 3 to 5 year plan. You pay off unsecured debts interest free! Meanwhile you enjoy protection against wage garnishment and other collection action. If you do not have a way to pay off your debts even if given 5 years, you may qualify to discharge your debt through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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