How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

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The cost of filing for bankruptcy depends on several factors. These include the type of bankruptcy you are filing for, as well as the amount of debt you possess. In reality, no two bankruptcies are alike. U.S. bankruptcy courts have filing fees for those who decide to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, with Chapter 7 cases costing $335, and Chapter 13 cases costing $274. In a Chapter 7 case, you will have most or all of your debt cancelled by a bankruptcy court, and may see the liquidation of some of your assets in order to aid in the repaying of creditors. The benefits of eradicating the bulk of your debt in a relatively timely fashion far outweigh any expense that might be involved in the initial filing. In a Chapter 13, you will engage in a payment plan with your creditors, so in addition to the filing fees, there will of course be the cost of paying what you owe to your creditors. However, this takes place over a period of months or years, and many people end up paying less than the full amount of their debt.

For further information about bankruptcy and its costs, it is recommended that you contact a Price Law Group bankruptcy attorney today. We at Price Law Group are well versed in all aspects of bankruptcy, from its relative cost to the various steps involved in filing. In assisting you in your bankruptcy case, we can provide you with the skill and knowledge necessary to give you the strongest chance of a successful filing.

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Bankruptcy is not traditionally an easy or simple process. It is a complicated legal procedure in which many mistakes can be made. A large number of people who have decided to file on their own have run into trouble while doing so, and ended up in an even worse financial condition than before they decided to file. If you are considering bankruptcy, it is to your substantial benefit to retain the help of an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process, and help you avoid any potentially costly mistakes.

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