Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Bankruptcy Attorney Defends Against Creditor Harassment

The FDCPA is the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. It protects debtors against harassment by creditors and collection agencies spelling out what collection agents may and may not do. If you are being called incessantly, spoken to rudely or subjected to other abusive collection tactics, you are urged to contact a bankruptcy attorney for relief under the FDCPA.

Forbidden Collection Practices

The FDCPA prohibits a variety of collection practices. These include calling late at night or early in the morning, speaking rudely, saying they are a lawyer when they are not, making threats to sue or put you in jail, talking to your neighbors, co-workers or boss about your debt situation or putting a notice in the newspaper as to your failures to pay. Furthermore once you notify a collection agency or creditor that you have an attorney, they must communicate through the attorney. If you write them that you no longer wish to speak them, they must also stop communication except to provide important new information.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Takes Action with the FDCPA

We are Price Law Group, a nationwide bankruptcy firm dedicated to defending clients against creditor harassment. When a client contacts us, we take immediate action to stop the abuse. We contact the creditor or collection agency and confront them with their violations of the FDCPA. We insist they halt any contact with the client and direct any future communications to us. Where their conduct has been outrageous, we also sue the creditor for damages on our client's behalf.

This action will usually stop the abuse. If they persist however, we can seek a court injunction against their behavior. Of course underlying a creditor harassment situation is usually debt problem. We review the client's financial situation, advise the client on options to become debt-free and find out what the client wants to do. We then proceed to assist.

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