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Insurance companies are designed to protect your home and business in case of emergencies, such as a storm, fire or break-in. In good faith, you've paid for your policy - and you expect the insurance company to honor their obligation.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies deny claims, delay payments, try low-balling the policy holder or deploy other acts of bad faith in order to protect their bottom line.

Some of these underhanded strategies are:

  • Failing to investigate your claim in a timely manner.
  • Failing to notify you that you're entitled to a claim
  • Refusing to assess damages on the property
  • Denying you coverage on a technicality
  • Refusing to pay for legitimate repairs based on "fine print loopholes"
  • Paying less than damages incurred
  • Holding payments back -- and keeping the interest.
  • Depreciating your repairs significantly
  • Withholding payment in a timely manner after completion of repairs
  • And many other reasons you may not even be aware of!

When you've paid your premiums in Good Faith -- why should you have to take it when companies act in Bad Faith? You don't.

"From Claim to Payment" we guide you through each step of the minefield that is your insurance policy -- so you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.

As Litigation Attorneys and Consumer Advocates, we have decades of experience helping clients through difficult circumstances -- including Bankruptcies and more.

Our job is to ensure you're not victimized twice: first by the damage inflicted on your home or property, and secondly by any insurance company trying to avoid paying on your policy.

We will also help you collect from unethical contractors or other repair businesses who failed to honor their commitments to you or tried to palm off sub-standard work.

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