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Price Law Group is a nationwide law firm of seasoned attorneys dedicated to helping homeowners save their homes. We use a variety of tools including debt collection defense, loan modification and bankruptcy Chapter 13 to protect our clients. We have helped many clients across the country to stay in their homes with payments they can afford. We urge you to contact a bankruptcy lawyer for assistance.

Tools to Save Your Home:

  • Review of Your Loan for Defenses: We go over your loan documents for evidence of predatory loan practices by your lender. We review for indications that they knew they were offering you a loan you could not afford. We examine for instances where their agents adjusted your loan application to make it look more appealing. We inspect for deceptive loan practices such as hiding the ultimate payments you would have to make. With this evidence of wrongdoing in hand, we negotiate with the lender to make amends by cancelling any late fees and revising the loan to amount you can afford.
  • Loan Modification: In the economic downturn, many homes dropped dramatically in value. Now many homeowners owe more on their home that its current market value. Furthermore many homeowners have suffered a hardship such as a sickness or job loss, causing them to fall behind in their payments or not be able to pay as much as they used to. We contact lenders to seek a loan modification. We have helped many clients obtain a reduction in their loan balance to align with the property's new value and drop in their payments to amount they can pay.
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13: Where you have fallen behind in your payments and the lender is foreclosing, Chapter 13 affords a powerful tool. Upon filing, the foreclosure is put on stay. You then propose a plan to the bankruptcy court to handle your debts. You may include in the plan paying off your home loan arrearages over the next three to five years. This plan is workable if you have the current income to make the Chapter 13 payment on your past debts plus keep up your monthly home loan payment.

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