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At Price Law Group we understand the need of realtors for swift and accurate counsel regarding the legal issues of their work. Since the economic downturn, realtors are increasingly involved in handling short sales and other actions related to distressed property. Our attorneys stand ready to provide guidance, negotiate with lenders and take legal action as needed to clear the way for sales to happen. We are also aware of the realtors' need for value in legal service. Realtors are urged to contact a bankruptcy lawyer for help.

Short Sales

We are available to assist realtors in bringing about short sales. We are skilled in negotiating with lenders to get their agreement to accept the short sale as full exchange for the client's home loan. In order to accomplish this, we make a thorough investigation of the history of the loan. We look for evidence of fraud, withheld information and predatory lending practices. We use the leverage we gain to induce the lender to be reasonable in accepting the short sale.

Clearing Title

In some cases proof of a clear title to property can be a barrier to completion of a real estate sale. Our real estate attorneys are skilled in speedily resolving these matters. If required we can bring quiet title actions to deal with liens and other claims that cannot be dealt with any other way.

Realtors Assistance Lawyer

Our attorneys take pride in providing superior service to realtors. As businessmen ourselves, we also recognize that realtors need legal service to be cost-effective. We know how hard realtors work to make a sale and it is our mission to back them up in every way we can.

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