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Are You Suffering Wage Garnishment?

If you are having your wages garnished, you know that speed is of the essence. With big bites being taken from your check regularly, you cannot survive for long. At Price Law Group, we provide prompt and effective service to clients in this situation. You are encouraged to contact a bankruptcy attorney.

How Wage Garnishment Works

You can see wage garnishment coming when you get notice you are being sued. Once the creditor takes a judgment, the creditor's next action is to collect. This usually means wage garnishment. In wage garnishment your employer receives a court order to deduct a portion of your paycheck to pay for the debt. The creditor may continue with this action until the debt is paid.

Wage Garnishment Defense Lawyer

When you contact us, we discuss with you your financial situation. If the wage garnishment is an isolated situation, we many contact the creditor to work out a satisfactory payment agreement to stop the garnishment. However If your financial situation does not allow for this or there are many other troublesome debts as well, we may recommend a bankruptcy filing.

According to your circumstances, we may recommend Chapter 7 Bankruptcy where you seek to totally discharge your debt. We may also advise a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy where you enter into a payment plan over three to five years to pay off all your debts. Whichever bankruptcy chapter you choose, your creditor must stop the wage garnishment immediately upon notice of the bankruptcy filing.

What if Your Employer Fires You?

This is illegal. We contact your employer, inform him or her of the law and insist you be rehired. If the employer refuses, we initiate legal proceedings on your behalf.

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