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Did you recently receive a letter in the mail saying you are being sued because of your debt? When a debt collection agency or a creditor gets impatient, they often resort to threatening debtors with lawsuits. The wording they use in their correspondences will make it seem like you have no choice but to pay them, or else risk serious consequences in court.

At Price Law Group, it is our mission to help you realize you have options when threatened with a lawsuit over your debt. Our professional debt collection lawsuit attorneys are here to uphold and defend your rights as a debtor, in and out of court.

We offer our services if you have been sued over the following debt types and more:

  • Credit card
  • Student loan
  • Mortgage
  • Medical

There is no such thing as an indefensible debt. By retaining the services of our legal team, you can catch the opposition off-guard. Debt collection agencies, major corporations, and corporate law firms working for creditors try to bully people into paying their debts outright, so they rarely expect anyone to push back with the help of a defense attorney.

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Debt Collection Parties We Defend Against

In many cases, debt collection lawsuits are filed by large, corporate law firms who represent creditors and financial or lending institutions. The letter you receive from them will look clean, professional, and apparently undeniable. Do not be fooled. It is all an intimidation tactic to try to get you to pay a debt that might not even belong to you.

Remember to pick up the phone and call us at 866-210-1722 as soon as you get a lawsuit notification or threat from a law firm over your debt. If we are successful in defending you against the opposition’s lawsuit, then it may stop all collection efforts and erase the supposed debt!

We can defend you if you have been sued by:

  • Bleier & Cox
  • Harris & Zide
  • Hunt & Henriques
  • Mandarich Law
  • Michael & Associates
  • Moore Law Group
  • Nelson & Kennard
  • Patenaude & Felix
  • Zwicker & Farmar Law Group
  • And many more

Why Would a Creditor or Law Firm Sue You for Debt?

Debt collection efforts are highly regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other federal mandates. When a creditor gets frustrated with pursuing a debt as such acts intend, they may rush to the courtroom to just file a lawsuit against you for it. After all, it is their right to collect the debt, attorney fees for the lawsuit, and other related costs if they can prove the debt is yours or is accurate.

Never Ever Ignore a Debt Lawsuit Notice

If you are confident that you don’t owe anyone any debt, then you might think it is safe to just throw away a lawsuit notice about your supposed debt. Do not make this mistake! If you ignore correspondences from a debt collection agency or representing law firm about your debt, then they can ask the court to file a default judgement against you. In other words, you automatically lose the case simply because you never responded to their notices.

A default judgement may:

  • Force you to repay the debt as much as you can
  • Garnish your wages until the debt is repaid
  • Place a lien on your home or other valuable property
  • Take funds directly out of your bank accounts

Your best – and essentially your only – option is to stand up for yourself and challenge the lawsuit head-on. You do not have to do it alone, though. Call 866.210.1722 or contact Price Law Group online. Our debt collection lawsuit defense lawyers are standing by to help you, no matter where in California you call home.

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