Are You Being Sued by Moore Law Group?

When people are sued by a creditor, they often believe they have run out of options. If you do not respond in any way to the lawsuit, then your hands will truly be tied. The court will establish a default settlement, resulting in your automatic loss.

At Price Law Group, however, we have helped countless individuals save money by negotiating fair debt settlements, even when we go up against powerful corporations. If Moore Law Group has filed a lawsuit against you for failing to pay your debt, we are ready to do everything in our power to protect your financial future.

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What to Do When Facing a Lawsuit from Moore Law Group

While Moore Law Group is a law firm, most of its employees are not lawyers. It carries out the typical actions of a debt collector, such as sending letters and making collection calls, but it also files lawsuits on behalf of debt purchasers and creditors. If Moore Law Group notifies you that it is filing suit, taking a few steps immediately after receiving notice can make an enormous difference in the case outcome.

If you are being sued by Moore Law Group on behalf of a creditor, here are 4 crucial steps to take as soon as possible:

  1. File an official response to the lawsuit. If you fail to do this, the court may determine a default settlement in Moore Law Group’s favor.
  2. Request proof of debt. If they cannot prove you owe what they have claimed, the court will likely rule in your favor or completely discharge your debt.
  3. Check if the lawsuit complies with the Statute of Limitations and proper notification protocol. Some creditors fail to file the lawsuit within the required time period, or they provide improper service of process.
  4. Gather any evidence of creditor harassment. If Moore Law Group violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act through unlawful creditor abuse, you could be entitled to significant compensation. In some cases, the compensation may completely cover the amount of debt you owe.

The Result of Fighting a Debt Collection Lawsuit

If you fight Moore Law Group in court, the odds may be in your favor—especially with our years of experience and aggressive litigation strategies on your side. You can settle for significantly less than what the collector is demanding, and in some cases, you may owe nothing at all.

To win your case or settle for a fair amount, you will need to demonstrate to Moore Law Group that you are not backing down. With our comprehensive legal solutions and skilled representation, we can convince the court to rule in your favor or show the debt collector that they have no choice but to settle for an amount you can reasonably pay.

Contact Our Firm to Begin Building Your Defense

At Price Law Group, we are committed to representing those who need relief from creditor harassment and a life of insurmountable debt. We are not afraid to take on large corporations. Debt collectors often resort to shameless acts of intimidation and coercion in the attempt to wrestle as much money as possible from people who are simply trying to get back on their feet. We will not stand for this greed, and we look forward to sending the message to Moore Law Group that you are not going to back down.

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