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According to their own website, Nelson & Kennard is a full-service collection firm that pursues a variety of consumer debts on behalf of various agencies, debt collection groups, and financial institutions. If you have received a letter from Nelson & Kennard about a debt you apparently owe one of their clients, then it is time to start thinking about how to defend yourself and your rights as a debtor. It is time to contact Price Law Group.

Our debt lawsuit defense attorneys have helped more than 100,000 clients through bankruptcy, debt relief, and debt defense cases. We have successfully negotiated with and litigated all sorts of oppositions on behalf of them. We are not intimidated by corporate law firms like Nelson & Kennard. Find your confidence and your voice by letting us represent you in the days ahead.

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Why is Nelson & Kennard Suing You?

For so many of our clients in situations like yours, they at first don’t understand why a law group like Nelson & Kennard would even be threatening to sue them. You probably have never even heard the name Nelson & Kennard before, so why do they care about your alleged debt? It is possible that Nelson & Kennard's client has purchased your debt from the original owner to pursue it in full. Or, it might be possible that Nelson & Kennard has been retained by a company that has purchased your original debt, known as a debt collection agency.

Debts pursued by Nelson & Kennard may include:

  • Automobile debt
  • Credit card debt
  • Consumer liens
  • Commercial debts
  • Mortgages
  • Student loan debt
  • Medical debt

What Rights Do You Have as a Debtor?

You are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and a few other federal acts from illegal debt collection methods and efforts. Within the context of these acts, it demands that any party pursuing a debt to be entirely accurate with its demands and information. If there are any inconsistencies in the information Nelson & Kennard has about your debt, it could potentially lead to a loss for them.

Knowing your rights and using them are two different things entirely, though. As your debt defense attorneys, it becomes our responsibility to use our extensive legal experiences and insight on your behalf. If our team finds discrepancies regarding your alleged debt, we may be able to use that as the foundation of your defense with the aim of having the case dismissed and your debt erased.

Responding to Nelson & Kennard the Right Way

What you say to Nelson & Kennard after you are first sued by them is crucial for your case. Saying the wrong thing can be bad, and not saying anything at all can be worse.

It is a common tactic for debt collection firms to file a lawsuit against you in hopes that you never respond. With no response, they can move for the court to file a default judgement against you, which closes the case in their favor and demands you pay whatever amount they want – and in full.

To stop a default judgement from being used against you, allow our lawyers to respond by demanding Nelson & Kennard provide:

  • Proof of your debt
  • Accuracy of your debt
  • Proof that no statutes of limitations prevent their lawsuit

If they improperly serve notification of your lawsuit – like trying to call you on the phone and not even leaving a voicemail message – then we can contest the entire lawsuit. Furthermore, if it is found that Nelson & Kennard’s methods have violated the FDCPA, we can threaten and begin work on a counterclaim. A successful counter-lawsuit could result inyou being paid by them, instead of the other way around.

What If You Know You Have No Debt?

In many cases, debt collection agencies and law groups working them alike are not provided accurate information when they purchase and pursue a debt. As a result, they may demand a debt from you that you either previously settled or never owed in the first place. The problem is you can still be slammed with a default judgement and ordered to pay an erroneous, unjust debt. Even if you know you do not owe Nelson & Kennard or any of its clients a cent, you must still respond to their lawsuit notifications with a challenge.

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