Sued by Zwicker & Farmar Law Group for Debt?

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If you have been notified by the law firm of Zwicker & Farmar Law Group that you’re being sued for debt, please know two things: you must respond, and you don’t have to pay them right away. As a debtor, you have significant rights granted to your through various federal acts, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Use them!

At Price Law Group, it is our calling and honor to provide debt collection lawsuit defense to people like you all across California. When you are being targeted by a lawsuit handled by a corporate law firm like Zwicker & Farmar, we can rise to defend you. Acting on your behalf in and out of court, we will do everything in our power to defeat the lawsuit, which may even defeat the alleged debt entirely.

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How Should You Respond to Zwicker & Farmar’s Letter?

The first bit of information you receive about your debt lawsuit will likely be in the form of a letter from Zwicker & Farmar. How should you respond to it? Actually, you should not. Instead, let our attorneys respond for you.

There are a few things we will want to include in our response, such as:

  • Demand for clear proof that the debt belongs to you
  • Calculations showing the debt is set at the right amount
  • Proof the statute of limitations to pursue the debt has not expired
  • Threat of counter-lawsuit if the lawsuit against you is unjust or mismanaged

No matter what Zwicker & Farmar Law Group says to you in their initial correspondence, we will want to send a reply of some sort. Ignoring notifications of pending lawsuits will allow them to file for a default judgement against you, which makes you automatically lose the case and demands the full debt amount from you through a court order. With this in mind, please do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm the moment you receive a letter from any law group or debt collection agency that threatens a lawsuit.

Can Your Owed Debt Be Settled?

In many cases of debt lawsuits, a settlement is still on the table and should be considered. Due to our reputation among legal circles and extensive experience with bankruptcy cases, we may be able to settle your debt for a fraction of the owed amount and avoid litigation entirely. Zwicker & Farmar Law Group attorneys are likely retained by a third-party debt collection agency. They are not the ones directly demanding your debt, and they do not want to see you put under undue duress. It is simply their job to do as their client asks, which includes using a settlement to wrap things up.

The benefits of debt settlement include:

  • Paying only a fraction of full debt owed
  • Avoiding court order that may require you pay the full amount
  • May protect your credit score
  • Concludes sooner than litigation
  • Keeps all legal processes private
  • Brings peace of mind

Your Legal Allies When Fighting Debt

Price Law Group has several offices in California, and around the country. If you have been given a notification of a lawsuit from Zwicker & Farmar Law Group, then you can rest easy knowing we can help you challenge it. While we get to work on finding ways to contest the debt or minimize it through careful negotiations, you can focus on other important things, like yourself, your work, and your family.

Contact us without delay to see how our debt defense lawyers can protect you and your finances.

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