Louisiana Bankruptcy Exemption List

Federal bankruptcy exemptions are outlined in the federal bankruptcy exemption list, but many states, including Louisiana, have constructed their own state bankruptcy exemption list.

In the state of Louisiana, you must use the state exemption list.

A Louisiana Bankruptcy attorney should be consulted to determine what assets are exempt prior to filing bankruptcy. There may be certain residency requirements to use the state exemption list and not all of your assets may be on the list. Certain federal supplemental exemptions may be allowed in certain states if you use the state exemptions.

Exemptions Exemption Amount Statutes
Homestead Property you occupy to $15,000; cannot exceed 160 acres on 1 tract, or on 2 or more tracts if there’s a home on 1 tract and field, garden or pasture on others (husband and wife may not double) 20:1
  Spouse or child of deceased owner may claim homestead exemption; spouse given home in divorce gets homestead 20:1
Insurance Fraternal benefit society benefits 22:558
  Group insurance policies or proceeds 22:649
  Health, accident or disability proceeds or avails 22:646
  Life insurance proceeds or avails; if policy issued within 9 months of filing, exempt only to $35,000 22:647

Personal Property

Arms, military accouterments, bedding, linens and bedroom furniture, chinaware, glassware, utensils, silverware, (non-sterling), clothing, family portraits, musical instruments, heating and cooling equipment, living room and dining room furniture, poultry, fowl 1 cow, household pets, pressing irons, sewing machine, refrigerator, freezer, stove, washer and dryer 13:3881A(4)
  Cemetery plot, monuments 8:313
  Engagement and wedding rings to $5,000 13:3881A
Public Benefits Aid to blind, aged disabled , AFDC 46:111
  Crime victims’ compensation 46:1811
  Unemployment compensation 23:1693
  Workers’ compensation 23:1205
Pensions Gratuitous payments to employee or heirs whenever paid 20:33(2)
  ERISA-qualified benefits if contributions made over 1 year before filing for bankruptcy 13:388D(1), 20:33(4)
Miscellaneous Property of minor child 13:3881A(3), Civil 223
Tools of the Trade Tools, instrument, books, pickup truck (maximum 3 tons) non-luxury auto and trailer, needed to work 13:3881A(2)
Wages Minimum 75% of earned but unpaid wages; bankruptcy judge may authorize more for low-income debtor 13:3881A(1)
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