How much does bankruptcy cost?

Bankruptcy in Arizona

Bankruptcy can be a frightening time for a family or an individual going through it alone. Luckily, highly skilled and qualified bankruptcy attorneys in Arizona at Price Law Group have dedicated their professional careers to finding solutions to excessive debt for individuals and families. With their help, you may be able to find a debt free lifestyle in your future.

In order to file for bankruptcy in Arizona, you must file paperwork in a U.S. bankruptcy court. The initial filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy costs $306, while Chapter 13 cases cost $281. We understand that at a time of financial pressure, an extra couple hundred dollars may seem difficult to come by. However, with a large portion of your debt being cancelled by Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the benefits of eliminating the bulk of your debt in a relatively timely manner far outweigh any expense you may encounter at the time of initially filing.

In a Chapter 13, on the other hand, a payment plan is made to eradicate debt over time. Keep in mind that you will be paying your creditors in reasonable portions over a period of months or years. In some instances, debtors end up paying less than the full amount owed on their debt.

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