What will my New York bankruptcy cost me?

Traditionally, bankruptcy is not a simple or easy process. Often times, when an individual tries to put his or her debt under control alone, an even bigger financial mess is the result. Bankruptcy is a complicated legal process that can involve the timely eradication of an individual's debt or a payment plan struck up between creditors and a debtor.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, described as the timely cancellation of a bulk of an individual's debt, initially will cost $306. The initial fee is designated to pay the U.S. bankruptcy court filing fee before you begin your path to a debt free future. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as the bankruptcy comprised of a payment plan to repay most of your debt to creditors, has an initial filing fee of $281.

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Due to the fact that no two bankruptcy cases will be alike, it is absolutely imperative that you seek the legal guidance of a compassionate New York bankruptcy attorney at Price Law Group. The legal team at our firm has dedicated their professional careers to helping other individuals find relief in a time of worry. If you or your family is in excessive debt or fears that you may find yourself in debt in the near future, do not hesitate to speak with a trustworthy bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer in New York.

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