Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in California

What is the FDCPA?

Enacted in 1978, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a set of laws to help protect consumers who has found themselves in excessive debt. Violations to the act could result in serious consequences for the collector who is harassing you. If you have experienced any of the following, we urge you to contact a California bankruptcy and debt relief attorney at Price Law Group immediately.

If a collector has contacted you between the hours of 9 pm and 8 am, contacted you at your work place after your employer specifically requested for this not to take place, used profane language or threats to force you to repay, or contacted your friends or family to discuss your debt, then you could have a creditor abuse case on your hand.

How can a California bankruptcy lawyer help me?

After experiencing any of the previous harassments by a creditor, and immediately consulting with a debt relief attorney, you will find that there are many alternatives to bankruptcy and finding debt relief. Whether you chose the path of debt negotiation, or filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, a trustworthy attorney at our firm will support you and your family until the very last day.

For all of your debt relief and FDCPA inquiries, contact a California bankruptcy attorney at Price Law Group without hesitance!

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