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Life after bankruptcy can be a good one. It is interested to note that many people have gone through bankruptcy and then on to fame and fortune. Among these notables are Mark Twain, P.T. Barnum, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Francis Ford Coppola and Abraham Lincoln!

A great advantage of life after bankruptcy is that you no longer stressed by constant creditor calls and the burden of devoting much of your income to debts. Still it is necessary to avoid the mistakes you made before. You are invited to contact a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss life after bankruptcy.

Tips on Life after Bankruptcy

  • Keep Your Job: This is vital. You need to have a flow of income to pay your expenses.
  • Spend Wisely: Do not waste money on extravagant and frivolous purchases.
  • Invest in the Future: Spend your money on things that will help you make more money. This could be an investment in your education or a business.
  • Create Savings: Save something out of every paycheck. Before long you will have a reserve in case of emergencies.
  • Build Credit: Take the first credit card offered. This will usually be a store card. Make a modest purchase and faithfully pay on time. Before long you will be getting major credit cards on attractive terms. The important thing is not to abuse the cards but use them only when really needed.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

At Price Law Group we help clients through bankruptcy to a better life. We go over their debt situations and advise as to their options including alternatives to bankruptcy, debt negotiation, debt litigation, debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Once a client has chosen the solution best for him or her we energetically work to put it into action.

Our overall goal though is that our client be free of debt and able to prosper. In this effort, we also advise clients on how to handle their life after bankruptcy.

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney at the firm for guidance on life after bankruptcy.

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