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When your property has been damaged, you are entitled to compensation from the insurance company that you have faithfully paid for year after year. You don't deserve to be dealing with confusing policies and insurance agents who won't give straight answers. If an insurance company offers a settlement, it will often be absurdly low. The attorneys at Price Law Group have more than 25 years of experience in providing skilled legal support, helping more than 100,000 individuals with their financial struggles. When negotiating with insurance companies, which never want to pay, an experienced insurance claim attorney can help you gain the relief that you deserve.

Earthquake Insurance Claims

Earthquakes can strike without warning anywhere in the country, leaving a trail of severe and costly damages. Insurance providers could potentially owe you hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus some money to cover what you need to live on while you repair your property.

Flood Insurance Claims

While your insurance company may only say they need to cover you for paint and carpeting, if you have flood insurance, you are supposed to be fully covered for the lasting, extensive damage that follows in the wake of a flood. Do not settle for less.

Fire Insurance Claims

Fires are devastating, but don't let a fire wreak havoc on your bank account too. You may be owed immediate payment to cover lodging and daily necessities while you get back on your feet. We can also help you get a fair settlement for commercial property.

Hail Insurance Claims

If your property has been damaged by hail, find out how much you may be covered so you aren't left with damage costs that you can't afford. A knowledgeable insurance claim attorney can help you find out exactly what you are owed and then help you obtain the right payment.

Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

If you have been hit hard by this destructive storm, then you may need help during the recovery process. Don't put up with unfair treatment from insurance companies, especially when it comes to restoring your home. Contact one of our experienced insurance claim attorneys to win fair compensation.

Price Law Group Provides Excellent Service Nationwide

We know how to deal with insurance companies to help ensure that you get full and fair compensation. Price Law Group is dedicated to helping you recover the amount you are owed in damages. For help understanding your policy and successfully working with your insurance company, contact an insurance claim attorney from Price Law Group today. Time is of the essence with these types of cases, so do not delay!

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