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An earthquake can permanently or significantly damage your property, whether to your home or other structure. Serious damage such as cracked foundations, destroyed personal possessions, or a structure that has completely collapsed can be the result of a serious earthquake. Many people carry earthquake insurance, which is essentially property insurance that covers losses incurred should an earthquake hit your area. In California, there are the highest numbers of insured, but earthquakes can hit in any state, at any time. Unfortunately, most property insurance policies exclude damage from earthquakes, and it is necessary to insure against this act of nature separately. Our earthquake insurance lawyer can help you get your claim sorted out and paid fairly.

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If you have taken the steps to insure against damage to your property from an earthquake, and now are having difficulty getting your claim paid fairly, it is time to contact the Price Law Group for assistance. Our legal team serves individuals nationwide in a range of insurance claim legal matters, and can help you fight to get your claim paid fairly. As with any insurance company, there is often an effort to pay out as little as possible in a settlement. Are you a victim of insurance bad faith? It is essential that you get legal help immediately.

You may have had an adjuster come to your property, and later have a settlement offer that is insufficient, and will not cover the necessary repairs to restore your property. If you are covered by earthquake insurance, the first step is to have your policy reviewed by our legal team. Don't fall prey to signing off on a settlement that is far lower than you need. Many earthquake insurance policies give coverage up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and include the costs of your living expenses while your property is restored, up to a certain level. You will probably not be told by an adjuster what is actually covered, and are at risk of accepting far less in a settlement than you are actually due under the terms of your policy.

Contact us and speak to our insurance claim attorney if your property was damaged by an earthquake. We will protect your right to recover all the compensation you are due under the terms of your policy.

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