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Fire Damage Claims: Legal Representation

At the Price Law Group, we represent property owners that have suffered damage to homes or commercial property through fire, and have been unable to get the insurance settlement needed to return the property to a good condition. Each policy has different terms, and initially, it is advised that you get our legal team to review your policy. You may have experienced the frustration of being shifted from one agent to another, being told your policy doesn't cover certain losses, or getting conflicting information from several different insurance company employees. This is not uncommon, and you now understand just how difficult it is to get an insurance claim for fire damage paid fairly. Some people just give up and take what they think they can get. This is a bad idea, as once you accept a low settlement, you jeopardize the ability to go back to the insurance company for more compensation.

You probably have faithfully paid your premiums, for years or decades, and assumed you were covered and would be treated fairly. There are literally countless cases in which insured individuals ran into trouble getting a fire damage claim paid, and have had to seek legal help to get the job done. At our firm, we have extensive experience in getting fire damage claims resolved. There are various actions we could employ, including filing suit should the insurance company continue to resist paying you what you owe under the terms of your fire policy.

You may not be told what you actually are due; these contracts are written in legalese and are difficult to understand at the best of times. You may be eligible for immediate cash to pay for lodgings and clothing and other basic needs, and may not have even been informed that you have this level of coverage. We urge you to contact us immediately if you are having trouble getting a fire damage claim paid, or are being offered an amount that is completely inadequate to address the damage to your property and personal possessions, or in the case of a business, the assets of your business that were damaged or destroyed by fire. Call today.

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