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Is your insurance company offering you nothing, or a settlement far too low, considering the damage to your property? At the Price Law Group, our legal team provides high quality legal representation for flood damage claims. We have worked extensively with clients in insurance claims, insurance bad faith, and flood damage claims, and can help you get your matter on track and moving towards a resolution. It is devastating to have your home or other property seriously damaged by water, and there are many health dangers associated with water damage, including mold growth.

Getting Your Property Repaired or Replaced After a Flood

It is important that your property is completely repaired, and if you have flood insurance, you should be covered for all damages. The first step is to allow our legal team to review your policy and advise you of what you could expect under the terms of your contract. You may have tried to get results by working directly with the insurance company, and this can be extremely frustrating. You could have been transferred from one agent to another, spending endless minutes on hold, and at the end of the day, still not have answers. Insurance companies often try to pay out less than they are obligated to do under the terms of a policy.

Never accept a settlement on flood damage without first finding out what you could possibly recover. Some policies allow for you to pay for lodgings, emergency clothing purchases and other costs on an immediate basis. The repairs to your property should be based upon the actual damage, including damage to the interior structure, foundation and other parts of the property so that every form of damage is fully evaluated. Some insurance adjusters will say you need only to repaint, re-carpet or that the repairs are cosmetic only. This can be far from the truth, as if the interior structure is wet, the potential for mold growth is high, and this can be a real health risk for you and your family.

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