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Was your property seriously damaged in a hail storm? You deserve a fair settlement.

At Price Law Group, our professional team of attorneys takes on insurance cases related to hail damage. You have probably kept your policy paid and in force, possibly for years or longer. Now, when your property is seriously damaged, you are having trouble getting a settlement that will replace or repair the items you have lost and need to repair or replace. Our firm has a great deal of experience in resolving hail insurance cases, and as a skilled team of civil litigators, we know what to do to help you get fair treatment from your insurance company. The first action to take is to get your policy reviewed so that we can determine what coverage you have under its terms. These policies vary widely, and you may have more coverage available than you think, or have been told by your insurance company.

Hail Damage Claims: Legal Firm Serving Clients Throughout the USA

Unfortunately, many insurance companies give their own loyal clients a very difficult time when it is necessary to take advantage of a policy. One hopes that nothing serious will ever happen, but when it does, that's when you expect that your insurance will take care of your costs. When your insurance company refuses to pay you what you need, or claims you are not covered when you were certain you were, it is a very distressing situation, and could lead to financial ruin.

These are issues best sorted out by a legal professional with the background and knowledge of the insurance industry, policy legal wording and a full understanding of how insurance companies operate. We know how difficult it can be to get a fair settlement. If your insurance company is asserting that you are not covered, or that you are only due a minimal amount that won't restore your property to its original condition, it is time to get help from our hail claim attorney.

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