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When Hurricane Sandy arrived the devastation was significant. Many people have lost their homes or have a home that is seriously damaged and will require a great deal of repair to be returned to its original condition. There are various other factors impacting those who had property damage, whether a home or business. The flood maps for the state have been changed, and may change again, making more people able to access federal funds after suffering damage from the hurricane pounding the New Jersey coast.

At our firm, we assist those who are having difficulty collecting fair and full compensation from their insurance company. As we deal with these companies on a daily basis, we know exactly how they operate. The general practice is often to deny a claim, make a low offer, or shuffle an insured person from one adjuster to another, each with conflicting information about your policy. Many people have gotten so frustrated that they have accepted a settlement from an insurance company that is far lower than should have been provided under the terms of the insurance policy.

Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Attorney

Our firm provides legal representation to those who have damaged property after Hurricane Sandy, and our legal team is highly proficient in getting these matters resolved fairly. The costs involved in restoring your home or other property to its original condition will be extensive, and water damage can have hidden risks that must be fully evaluated. The interior structure of the property must be evaluated to determine if there is a possibility of mold growth or other dangerous health risk. These matters are so important, both financially and for the protection of the health of your family that we advise you to contact our firm for assistance. We will manage every aspect of your claim, and pursue the maximum possible to help you get your property restored.

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