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Take control of your financial future by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Scottsdale Arizona with Price Law Group. We understand the situation you are in and want to help you make the best of this stressful and difficult time. Know that you don’t have to face bankruptcy alone and our bankruptcy attorneys will help walk you through the process.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy also known as wage-earners bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy where all of your outstanding debts are organized into one group and the majority of your income goes towards paying off these debts over a 3 to 5 year period. You will have monies left aside to pay mandatory bills such as a car or house payment, rent, utilities, etc. but the rest of your disposable income will be placed towards repaying your debts.

Unlike Chapter 7, you don’t have an income requirement to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but you will be placed on a repayment plan to pay back many of your outstanding debts.

Let our bankruptcy attorneys help you decide if Chapter 13 is the right answer to your financial situation. Start your Chapter 13 bankruptcy with Price Law Group today and let us help you get the financial relief you need. Speak with our bankruptcy attorneys by calling 866-210-1722.

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