Orange County California Attorneys For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Price Law Group offers bankruptcy filing services to Orange County residents in California that are facing financial hardship due to mounting debts. When you are living paycheck to paycheck it is important to realize that you do have options when it comes to wiping away your debts. Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys will review your financial situation and determine if Chapter 13 is right for you.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Orange County California, which is also referred to as “wage-earners” bankruptcy allocates the majority of your income, less any monies set aside for mandatory payments such as car payment, house payment or rent, utilities, and other living expenses, towards paying off your unsecured debts which will be organized into one group.

There is not an income qualification for this type of bankruptcy like there is for Chapter 7, however, your disposable income will be calculated to determine the percentage of income that goes towards paying back your unsecured debts.

Work with Price Law Group today to get your financial situation under control and start fresh in your financial life. There is a way out of the financial troubles that you have found yourself in and we are here to help.

File for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Orange County today with Price Law Group. We will help guide you through the filing experience and ensure you have a positive experience given the difficult time you are in, call 866-210-1722.