Former NBA Player Facing Nevada Charges for Debt

Antoine Walker's gambling debts have led to felony charges in the Silver State.

A former star in the NBA has been ordered to face trial in Nevada for felony charges tied to gambling debts.

The Associated Press said that Antoine Walker, who made his name in the NBA with the Boston Celtics, is facing an accusation that he hasn't paid nearly $1 million in gambling debts to three casinos in Nevada. The law in that state treats such debts as bad checks, which means criminal charges can be filed.

However, the news organization noted that Bernie Zadrowski, leader of the bad check unit for the Clark County district attorney's office, said that Walker filing bankruptcy in Florida has led to making the Nevada case more complicated.

"Walker's bankruptcy filing claims $12.7 million in liabilities and $4.3 million in assets, including the 2006 NBA championship ring he won with the Miami Heat," the AP reported.

When filing bankruptcy, consumers can opt for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 protections. However, rules from the government require a means test to determine which type people can actually qualify for.

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