Bankruptcy Filing Fee Changes

With little to no notice, the bankruptcy court filing fees have increased. The Judicial Conference of the United States Bankruptcy Court voted to increase various bankruptcy court filing fees, including the fees to file bankruptcy petitions. For many, the increase primarily affects the fees consumers pay to file their bankruptcy cases. They are increasing by $7.00.

Effective November 1, 2011:
Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases: The filing fee is increased from $335 to $306.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases: The filing fee is increased from $274 to $281.

When did the Bankruptcy Filing Fees Last Change?

In February 1, 2006, the House of Representatives passed the Budget Reconciliation Act which included fee increases for various court filings, including bankruptcy filings. The Senate previously had approved the measure.

That fee increase, went into affect on April 6, 2006, was a revenue-raising measure.

The bill increased the Chapter 7 filing fee by $25 to $335, and increases the Chapter 13 filing fee by $85 to $274. The apparent purpose of the fee increases at that time was to balance the budget though payments from those who could least afford it.

Prior to that, on October 17, 2005, when the bankruptcy laws were reformed by BAPCPA, the filing fees increased for a Chapter 7 case from $209 to $274, and for a Chapter 13 case from $194 to $189.

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