Nevada Sees Highest Credit Card Delinquency Rate

Second quarter sees 1.11 percent of accounts late on payment in the state.

Faced with the inability to pay off credit card debt, along with home loan difficulties, more consumers may end up considering filing bankruptcy.

Recently, TransUnion noted that Nevada had the highest credit card delinquency rate in the country during the second quarter of this year. Of accounts, 1.5 percent were late on payment during that time.

The report also showed that Arizona had the third-highest rate in the country at 1.11 percent of accounts. Nationally, 0.92 percent of accounts were at least 90 days behind on payment in the second quarter.

Average credit card debt in the country declined for the fifth consecutive quarter, dropping from $5,165 to $4,951. This may indicate a changing attitude toward plastic among Americans.

"Many consumers view available credit as a liquidity reserve that can be drawn upon in the event of a personal hardship," said Ezra Becker, a consulting and strategy director at TransUnion said.

While credit improvements are being seen across the U.S., Nevada continues to lead the country in a number of negative categories, including foreclosure and bankruptcy.

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